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Ejaculating dildos are perfectly fine for gays

Even if you are not a girl but a gay and would like to spice up your solo play, ejaculating dildo is a great gift for yourself. Now imagine being able to suck cock without worrying about making the mess. Or perhaps, putting cock into yourself. These plastic cocks are great because they will not transmit sexually transmitted diseases. Those cocks will not make your bed or floor messy, no stinky stuff to work with after the ejaculation.

If you are real gay then you like to finish it on your. These ejaculating dildos allow you to actually cum on yourself. I mean, just like with a real dick – you can suck it or slide it in your anus. These cocks can also cum whatever liquid you fill it with. Do you want to have white stuff on your face? Fill it with mil or cream or something. Do you just want to get water or juice? It’s great, this way, you can “practice” your swallowing skills.

If you don’t want to cum and, perhaps, you always have problems with other men’s cum, these dildos are great, you are not required to put any liquid in order to use these dildos. You can just fuck yourself until you get too much orgasm. These dicks will not get tired, they always stay firm and hard-on. No mess to deal with when you finish.

Oh and if you think you are gay but don’t know how to find it out. Perhaps, you’d like to know how it would feel to have a cock in your mouth or dick in the anus, it’s also fine. You just get the ejaculating dildo and try it out yourself by sucking and sliding it in your anus. If it feels great and all, you might be gay. Obviously, if you don’t find other men attractive then you are probably straight.

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