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How To Become A Professional Escort

Although growing up you wouldn’t have actually thought about being an escort as your dream job, it can be surprisingly funny, easy and rewarding if you know how to do it in style. However, with more and more women deciding to earn easy money by not doing too much, you will have a stiff competition, especially if you decided to take upon your job in a large capital city. If you thought it through and came up to the conclusion that you too want to become a professional escort, here are some useful pieces of advice:

Think about the benefits and the downsides

Just like in the modeling industry, you have to consider doing this for only a limited amount of time. As there were always going to be newer, younger girls in the business, your body and charms, as rude as it seems, have a ticking clock.

You may feel sexy or take it for the fun ride, but you may also stumble across unpredictable or even dangerous situations. However, the main benefits are obviously the money reward, the attention you are receiving, the fun you may get and the persons you may meet.

Appeal to a professional agency

Escort agencies are not only the professional way to do it, but are also safer to work with for clients. This means agencies will always have more clients than individual girls. Also, an escort agency can help you create your profile, make professional photos to impress your clients, and even help you in time of need. A good agency to start with is Lilith London escorts.

Learn the rules and the guidelines

Upon signing with an escort agency you will receive a set of rules and guidelines you need to follow in order to always be safe and maximize your winning. An important thing about this business is that you have to establish your own boundaries and limits and never cross them. If you are not comfortable with a certain action, you might as well state it from the beginning, even before booking an appointment with a client.

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Spice Up Your Sex Life With These Sexy Tips

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Daily jobs, stress and insufficient funds all count for an overall stressed existence, where you barely feel like living at all. Add one or two kids to look after and it comes as no surprise that couples or spouses do not feel the need of intimacy anymore, let alone the desire to approach one another and try new things in the bedroom. Soon comes monotony and it is only one step away from frustration and fights. Specialists suggest that no matter how stressful your everyday existence is, you should always find room for at least 5 minutes of sincere talking with your partner, complementing and discovering new things. And if you require some help in the bedroom, why not ask HD porn superstars to give you some hints?

Adult toys

What better way to spice up your love life if not by bringing in some new ways of pleasuring? Vibrators, dildos, anal rings, handcuffs – you name it! Go into a local sex shop and get your hands on what strikes your curiosity. You will not regret it! Apart from being fun, sex toys are easy to use and will stimulate both sexes, so none of you will be left outside.


Back door

Why not try anal sex? Men love it and, if done properly and with the right amount of care and lube, it can be truly pleasurable for women too. In fact, the butt has more nervous terminations and stimuli than the vagina and clitoris, so don’t be too surprised if you will reach climax just by anal sex.


Discover, unravel and fulfill your darkest fantasies!

If you cannot trust your better half with your dirty little secrets, than whom can you really trust in this world? Tell your partner what fantasies turn you on and don’t be afraid to set them free if you both agree. Apart from being extremely sexy, this will certainly give you as a couple enough boost and will strengthen your bond.

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Where Glamour Porn Models Come From?

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Only the sexists and the most beautiful women are reserved for glamour porn. All of them must have that special look in order to work for producers recording in this category. But, did you know that most of these models come from the same country?

In a matter of fact, almost all models that participate in the glamour category are from Russia. But, most of them live in other countries, and they use different names, so it is hard to determine where they come from. The main reason why is the physical appearance. Russian ladies have a blue color, light tan and the face shape is ‘’sharp’’ which most men find attractive. Even more interesting, girls from these countries have lips that have bright red color, which is another thing men find cute and attractive, of course.

All of this suggests that the country in question is the absolute leader when it comes to porn models that are the main deal in glamour category. Due to the fact the porn category in question is the most popular one, these models earn a lot. On average, they make a 2-3 times higher profit than ordinary porn stars. It is a real achievement being able to film movies for a porn category of this kind.

Other places

Besides Russia, a high number of these porn actresses come from Ukraine and the United States. A very low number is born in other parts of the world. A related, interesting fact is that a high number of these actresses are from the United Kingdom, but their number is increasing as we speak. The best thing about those women are the breasts. English women have the biggest (on average) breasts on the planet, so it isn’t a coincidence, their porn stars from this country are more than just appreciated and adored.






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Have Fun with Hertford Escorts

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After your busy day is over and your body needs some refreshments as well as some company, there is hardly any match to Hertford escorts. No matter how exhausted you are or how boring you are feeling, the Hertford escorts would rock your world in different new ways. You would feel fresh and like a new you. The naughty, enthusiastic and energetic Hertford escorts are known for their diversity and client orientation. They provide you with full satisfaction, and every time. So if you are planning a trip to Hertfordshire anytime soon, taking service from Hertford escorts must be on your cards, especially if you are traveling alone since they are much suited as a companion as well.

Another great advantage of choosing a Hertford escort is that there is no intricate booking procedures involved meaning there is absolutely no fine printing underneath. You get what you see with your eyes. A problem with many other escort services is that you pay in advance and you end up getting a different experience than what you wished for and needless to say, they are less pleasant. But Hertford escorts are free from all that hassles and you would get what you see. The Hertford girls look exactly like what is shown in their online profiles and you would get to have an experience you were expecting to have.

The booking can be done easily online and with 100% confidentiality. So no need to feel insecure on that front either as your identity would be kept secret. You can easily book Hertford escorts without any risk and they are definitely going to give you an awesome experience. They would rather surpass your desire and you would be amazed by their improvisation and client orientation. So don’t think twice before booking a Hertford escort, for they are the best in the business.

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